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Gluten Free Makeup Reviews

Mica Free, Titanium Dioxide Free, Gorgeous Mineral Makeup – Omiana

I'd never even heard of mica allergies until one of my readers asked me to help her find some gluten and mica-free makeup. My brain went "Wha!? It's possible to be allergic to a mineral!?" And then I stopped and thought about it and realized [...]

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Gluten Free Makeup Monday

How to Contour with Gluten Free Makeup

Whoever hasn't heard of contouring has been living at the bottom of a deep, dark well where the delightfully TMI internet and juicy celebrity gossip never reach them. Wait... Actually maybe that's not so bad after all. Anyway, on your radar or not, contouring is [...]

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Dear Gluten Free Makeup Gal

Dear Gluten Free Makeup Gal – Is Physician’s Formula gluten free?

I have been trying to get an in-depth reply from Physicians Formula about this for years. Despite multiple emails spread out over time, I have yet to get a satisfactory answer. Since I do not have a direct reply from them about anything, I can only go by what they publicly state on that page. So...

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Gluten Free Makeup News

UPDATE: The 15th Gluten Free Makeup List has arrived!

The Gluten Free Makeup List is the biggest collection of all the safest gluten free companies in the body care and cosmetic industry. Gluten free makeup, gluten free skincare, gluten free hair care, and gluten free body care all have their place on this list. [...]

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